Grits & Grunts Folkloric Key West

About the Book
Publisher: Pineapple Press, Inc.
Publication date: September 2008
Author: Stetson Kennedy
$19.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-419-3
7 x 10 • 216 pages • 173 photos

Grits and Grunts Many a book has been written about Key West, but there has never been anything like Stetson Kennedy’s Grits & Grunts, a portrait of the Key West that was. Neither a history (though you will learn a lot about Key West’s unique past) nor a guidebook (though you will learn more about Key West than any guides offer), Grits & Grunts is a treasure trove gleaned from the rich multiculture that came to full-flower on “The Rock” during the first half of the twentieth
century, “when Key West was Key West.”

You’ll find an abundant sampling of the inimitable art of Mario Sanchez, whose carved bas-relief paintings of Key West street scenes are in great demand around the world. The overflowing Key West songbag is also here in all its abundance, from lullabies to traditional ballads, as well as games and folktales. “Kennedy’s keen observations and humor infuse a cornucopia of collected folklife gems—giving voice to the diverse residents of “the Rock.” Kennedy, as folklore director for the Florida Writers Project of the 1930s, was one of the pioneering folklorists of the 20th century.” —Peggy Bulger, Director, American Folklife Center, The Library of Congress “In this highly origin


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