Jim Crow Guide : The Way it Was

Stetson Kennedy © 1956

Click here to read the Jim Crow GuideJim Crow Guide documents the system of legally imposed American apartheid that prevailed during what Stetson Kennedy calls ''the long century from Emancipation to the Overcoming.'' First published in Paris in 1956 by Jean-Paul Sartre and subsequently issued in many languages around the world, the ''Guide'' book could find not a single U.S. publisher while Jim Crow reigned.

The mock guidebook covers every area of activity where the tentacles of Jim Crow reached, dictating where and with whom one could live, study, work, travel, eat, sleep, play, assemble, or marry. For this edition Kennedy has written a new afterward that offers his impressions of today's ''desegregated racism.''

''A history of the United State that is almost incredible - sensibly different from that put forth by official manuals." - Jean Paul Sartre, Les Temps Modernes

''Books such as this oblige us to look and think... It is impossible to remain indifferent after reading it.'' - Editions de Minuit


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